Officers of the NW-AAPM

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President - Jessica Fagerstrom

Past President - Marcus Luckstead

President Elect - Thomas Griglock

Thomas Griglock, Ph.D., DABR

Secretary-Treasurer - Ross Brody

AAPM Board Member - Celeste Winters

The NWAAPM is a volunteer organization.  We are always looking for volunteers to help organize our meetings or to speak at our meetings. One great way to give back to the medical physics community is to serve as an officer in the NWAAPM.  These roles include:

President: The president serves for three years (first as president elect, president, then past-president). The president helps define the direction of the chapter and oversees the execution of a spring and a fall chapter meeting each year.

Secretary/Treasurer: The secretary/treasurer is a three-year appointment.  He or she oversees the chapter’s finances and keeps the minutes at all NWAAPM executive committee meetings.

AAPM Board Member: Each chapter of the AAPM has a seat on the AAPM Board of Directors.  Our board member attends two Board of Directors meetings each year (one at the AAPM annual meeting and one at the RSNA).

Meetings: Our meeting are volunteer organized and run. Click here for a helpful guide on how to organize a NWAAPM meeting.

Current and Past NWAAPM Executive Committee Members:

2024: Jessica Fagerstrom (President), Marcus Luckstead (Past President), Thomas Griglock (President Elect), Ross Brody (Treasurer), Celeste Winters (Board Rep)

2023: Marcus Luckstead (President), Alex Cardenas (Past President), Jessica Fagerstrom (President Elect), Ross Brody (Treasurer), Tyler Blackwell (Board Rep)

2022: Alex Cardenas (President), Monica Kishore (Past President), Marcus Luckstead (President Elect), Ross Brody (Treasurer), Tyler Blackwell (Board Rep)

2021: Monica Kishore (President), Jeff Moriano (Past President), Alex Cardenas (President Elect), Ross Brody (Treasurer), Tyler Blackwell (Board Rep)

2020: Jeff Moirano (President), Robin Miller (Past President), Monica Kishore (President Elect), Sarah Geneser (Treasurer), Lauren Long (Board Rep)

2019: Robin Miller (President), Miriam Lambert (Past President), Sarah Geneser (Treasurer), Lauren Long (Board Rep)

2018: Miriam Lambert (President), Tony Wong (Past President), Robin Miller (President-Elect), Tyler Blackwell (Treasurer), Sarah Geneser (Treasurer-Elect), Lauren Long (Board Rep)

2017: Tony Wong (President), Jianzhou Wu (Past President), Tyler Blackwell (Treasurer), Robin Miller (Board Rep)

2016: Jianzhou Wu (President), Rex Ayers (Past President), Tyler Blackwell (Treasurer), Robin Miller (Board Rep)

2015: Rex Ayers (President), David Shepard (Past President), Carl Bergsagel (Treasurer), Robin Miller (Board Rep)

2014: David Shepard (President), George Sandison (Past President), Carl Bergsagel (Treasurer), Miriam Lambert (Board Rep)

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The Northwest Chapter of the AAPM is a regional chapter of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine ( covering the  states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.  We hold two educational meetings each year with a goal of advancing the science, education and professional practice of Medical Physics.
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