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For our 2024 spring meeting, the NWAAPM is excited to offer a workshop on patient communication with our colleagues from UCSD. The meeting will be held IN PERSON for a full-day on Friday, May 10, 2024 in Portland, OR, followed by an optional half-day VIRTUAL session on Saturday, May 11 for simulated patient interactions. Registration for the Saturday session is now closed but registration for the full-day Friday session is still open!

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The Spring Meeting will be held in person in Portland, OR on May 10, 2024 with an optional virtual session on May 11, 2024.  MedPhys SLAM and Early Career Investigator Symposium abstracts are due March 15. 


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For 43 years, the Northwest Chapter of the AAPM has brought together medical physicists in the Pacific Northwest.  Learn more about the NWAAPM and the history of innovations in radiation oncology and medical imaging in our region.  

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The Northwest Chapter of the AAPM is a regional chapter of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine ( covering the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.  We hold two educational meetings each year with a goal of advancing the science, education and professional practice of Medical Physics.

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